Law Essentials presents Comic & Creative Contracts

Law Essentials offers a monthly series on Lawyers as Peacemakers, the Integrative Law Movement.  November’s call was on Comic & Creative Contracts.  It was an informative conversation among leaders in the field:  Prof. Camilla Andersen, commercial lawyer Rob de Rooy, and Anirudh Rastogi  whose TEDx talk was previously posted on this site.

Comic & Creative Contracts (YouTube)

Screenshot of Video

Law Essentials is a student run initiative by a group of inquisitive law student having a penumbral idea about the application of law in day to day life. We strive to built a platform that can actively bridge the gap between academia and legal industry. We provide various opportunities for law student to hone their skills. We do judicious juxtaposition of recent legal happening and it’s multifaceted impact on the society. We believe the practical exposure in the legal field is quintessential element that must be provided to a student.

We provide recent legal updates with erudite analysis that acquaint law student about the basic nitty and gritty of application of laws.


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